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Restaurants that are open on Christmas | Vancouver Sun

Dec 20, 2013Media

December 25 is one day out of the year when most restaurant kitchens go silent...read more…

Cache Bistro & Lounge | C

Dec 2, 2013Media

"“Cache’s” wine tasting set dinner crossover, featuring “xoxolat” chocolates. I was invited to a wine tasting by a good friend…"read more…

gourmetcetera » cache bistro and lounge

Oct 6, 2013Media

"...The chef here, Alex Mok, was apparently trained by the personal chef to the king of Belgium..."read more…

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The Tangoo Experience

2012年 10月 23日Food and Wine

Live testimonials from the lucky Vancouverites who were interviewed by Tangoo at Caché Bistro and other locations.

Lunch @ Cache Bistro and Lounge in Yaletown Vancouver BC Canada - Sept. 2012

2012年 9月 13日Food and Wine

Geoff from visits Cache Bistro and Lounge in Yaletown for a delicious lunch. Caché Bistro & Lounge 1269 Hamilton Street Vancouver, BC, Canada Restaurant phone: 604-558-1269 Restaurant's web site: Shown in video: -Interior of restaurant -Linguini with meatballs and tomato sauce, topped with nuts and cheese -Fettucini with seafood, pesto sauce -Special of the day steak wrapped with bacon, serve…